21st Century And The Internet Freedom



Now there is a reason or should i say a really annoying one that will make you write a blog post.Well this one is due the very same reason, Indian Government has launched ICMS (“India Central Monitoring System” ). Now for every non Indian who is reading might be thinking “oh hell its just like CISPA” but let me correct you this is worse than CISPA. Why , well because it gives the god-damn government complete access and right to look or access any citizens message (be it sms or internet messaging services), mails, web history, downloads, phone calls, online logs ; so basically to sum it up if you have anything that is or can be used for communication they can listen in without and legal implications as this provides the government with a Hall-Pass to do any shit and get away with it.


Now why am i against this, well for beginners Internet is not a  gift we got from the Government of India, but it is a worldwide network that anyone can access. So unless you own it you cant just impose unnecessary laws on it. Its just like a scenario in which my neighbor in the apartments buys a Ferrari and i ask him to burn it cos i own the whole apartment.This is not fair for the reason that i own the apartment not his car or for that matter not his ass either so govt. should strictly keep away from this.


It would have made better sense and would have gathered full support of the govt. introduced a program to spy on suspected terrorist or people involved in any legal conflicts.I mean if you have an appropriate reason then you may do it no one the world will ever question you.The scary part about all this is that since the last few months the govt. is taking strict actions against people who revolt or for that matter question the government on online platforms.There has been incidents in which 2 persons were arrested overnight as they posted their opinion on political situation of the state.And the shocking part is this immediate action being taken in a country where a regular court case can be delayed for years or for decades.Such a pathetic mis-use of power.For all i know i myself may be arrested and put up in a dirty prison for posting this blog, but well sometimes you have to forgo the consequences for a better good.

From a country that has been cliched for its independence struggle its really bad to see the same government which thousands of patriots gave up their lives for is treating its citizens like this.And let me tell you if there is anything the country need to worry about let me remind you that is its people.If we can make a government so can we break it.


I think its time we include a sub-tree stating internet freedom as a basic human right in our constitution.I hope my country wakes up form the ill-state of decision making to being a country we all would be proud to stand for.


And god-forbid the government doesn’t listen to its people, because seriously i don’t think any country is prepared for an internet war.

Here few links in-case you want to know more about it:



Oh and this one is kind of important if yu have read the above post and you think you would support the point you can sign the petition to show support for the same here:



God Save Internet!



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